What is an herbal extract?

"Herbal Extract" is the process of removing water and fiber to emphasize to valuable nutrional of the plants.
For example:
2:1 is 2 parts raw-plants providing 1x part of nutrients.
4:1 is 4 parts of raw-plants providing 1x part of nutrients.
Its also mean the extract is 4 time more potent or concentrate then raw plants.
Higher ratio will also consider extractracting complexe carbohydrate.
Higher ratio does increase medicinal nutrient ratio that is unique to each plant.


What is the quality grade of our product?

Generally, the herbs are conventionally produced. That does not mean it is excessively sprayed with chemicals, but we do not have certificate-of-analyse or control of the production.
We offer naturally grown (without the use of chemical), those products will mention; "organic" or "c/o" (certified organic) or "w/c" (wild crafted), or "kosher", or CoA (Certificate of Analysis).
Other supplements (Vitamin, Minerals, Fatty-acid, Amino-acid, etc) are pharmaceutical grade.
All our products are Non-GMO (Not Genetically Modified).
We diligently acquire non-gluten or low-gluten products only.
Our raw seeds can all be sprouted.


Do we use filler?

We do not use any filler to dilute any of our products.

Some "isolate nurtients" may be weakened by the manufacturer, because it is too strong to as is, and the dosage could be too small to accurately measure. So the products may be mixed with dextrose. The description will show the percentage of active ingredient. For example: Copper-Gluconate 1% (Dextrose will be 99%)


What are possible usages for our herbs?

Our herbs can be used for culinary, medicinal, enhancing purposes. They can be made into teas, infusions, tincture, cosmetics, or many other purposes. Our herbs are food grade.


Do we ship international?

We do not ship outside USA, Canada, and Europe. Other countries are too expensive and unreliable for shipping.


How we can be reach?

You can use Contact-us form to email us.
You can use Chat-with-us if we are online, for quick help with your order or product inquery.
We do not have phone line to answer questions.


What is the delivery time?

- We ship from New York States.
- Average Delivery Time United States;
- East-Cost within 2 days
- Central-Area within 3 days
- West-Coast within 5 days
- US Islands and Territories within 10 days.
- Delivery Average Time Canada
- East Coast within 7 days
- West Cost 10 days. (There can be delays in customs)
- Delivery Avearge Time Europe:
- Postal-service within 20 days-
- Express-service within 5 days (There can be delays in customs)


What do I do if my order was damaged during shipment?

Send us photo by email of the damaged product and box, within 5 days of receiving the item. We will replace it with a new product free of charge or refund the purchase price.


What is the shelf life of herbs and spices?

While herbs and spices generally don’t spoil, it will lose their potency over time. How the herbs and spices are stored will play a large role in how long they retain their potency. If stored in airtight containers, such as glass jars, and kept in a cool, dark, dry place; whole herbs and spices can last up to 3-4 years and powder herbs and spices can last 1-2 years.

We make every effort to ensure that you receive well-preserved herbs and spices. We use polyfoil bags with a resealable ziplock closure, which protect the contents from exposure to light and moisture, to preserve the freshness, aroma, and potency of our products.


Do we offer wholesales account?

- We offer wholesale pricing to businesses. Use the "Contact us" form to email us or write our business address. Please tell us how much will you be buying on monthly basis. Then, we can setup a discount (10% to 25%) on purchases.
- We can also setup a credit-card account that you can select for a payment option. This speed up the checkout process. We will contact you via the phone to get your card number.


What is the order procedure?

The checkout will ask for you to review purchases summary, fill-in personal information (email, phone, password), then the shipping address, also the shipping type. The final step is payment via paypal website.