We have been retailing and mixing; herbs and supplements since 2009.

The head of the company has many years of experience in providing athlete physiology and organic chemistry recommendations. We have surpassed many of the larger companies with the success of our product lines. We are also dedicated to discovering the latest nutrients that improve athletic performance and overall general health.

''HERBAL SENSE" philosophy is to offer naturally grown plants as herbs, extract, and mixtures that people can easily use for their best health.



"HERBAL SENSE" started retailing herbs and supplements to share the ingredients we use in our product lines. With over 350 ingredients, now we offer single ingredients, as well as custom-mixes. We also have access to 2000 ingredients, that can be requested by special order. Please use our contact form for special requests.

Our suppliers are from California-USA, Toronto-Canada, Changsha-China, and Hamburg-Germany, Quito-Equador, Mexico-Mexico. The herbs are produce from all around the world.

We are located between New York city and Albany city.
Our postal address: P.O.Box 2256, Middletown, NY, 10940.



  • Our products are guaranteed Non-GMO (Not Genetically Modified).
  • Our products are guaranteed Gluten free.
  • Our products are guaranteed without Filler. (Except the highest pure isolate nutrients will mention % of dextrose)
  • Most of the herbs are conventionally produced. That does not mean it is excessively spray with chemicals, but we have no certification or supervision on the production.
  • We offer naturally growth herbs (without the use of chemicals), those products will mention; "organic" or "c/o" (certified organic) or "w/c" (wild crafted) or "kosher".
  • Other supplement (Vitamin, Minerals, Fatty-acid, Amino-acid, etc) are pharmaceutical grade.
  • We operates our products location with serious hygiene in mind, including daily inspection.
  • We package bulk ingredient with individual kg vacuum sealing bags.
  • We keeping each ingredient in separate container to guard against cross contamination.
  • The location is equipped with; Dehumidifier, Ionizer, Ozonator, Air-filter.



  • We do not offer medicinal instruction about the ingredients and products.
  • We do not offer medical advice or suggestion for symptoms or disease.
  • We offer common usage that are provided from scientific literature, government dietary reference, or suggestions by online-practioners.
  • Our website database has extensive body-functions keywords to connect to herbs and extract; a search will bring up a list valuable products to help your quest for health.



Our operation are solely via the web. We understand the lack of personal interaction doesn't compare to physical stores; so we provide two way communication via email or chat-room. We hope to answer or resolve your purchase question in a very quick manner.

We do not offer; newsletter, blog, review, solicitation, advertisement, etc.
Please find what we have to offer, with our options: Featured Product, Search Engine, Product Sorting, etc.
We believe in your privacy.