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Pain Inflam Lotion 16 oz


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Description :

Lotion for its natural beauty, natural health, and soundness!

A cosmetic to be used as an aid for pain and inflammation. Useful when applied to sore muscles and nerves. This liniment is made with natural herbs that work in synergy with one another. The liniment speeds the natural process of healing after works or training.

When applied daily, the body part may elevate to its natural strength, and may reduce the need to use stronger products. It does not repair or eliminate major body part problems. The product is non-irritant, so it does not cause allergies, burn, rashes, and it is ideal for sensitive skin.

The product is made of clear gel that melts into the skin.   This product contains no water, its base is organic products. The purpose is to reduce water retention in the body part, as well as inflammation.

Ingredients :

Lavender:  opens the pores of the skin, and keeps the skin soft.
Rosemary:  increases blood circulation where applied, and relieves stiffness.
Arnica:  reduces soreness, and inflammation of ligaments and tendons.
Grapeseed:  reduces toxins that stop the tissues from healing.
Witch Hazel:  soothes and reduces rashes on the skin.
Apple-Cider-Vinegar:  provides a lasting effect for all the products.
Alcohol:  creates a cooling, soothing effect.

Usage :

Apply and rub the body part until it feels moist.
You may use bandages around the body part.

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